Theater Details
Sarah Cameron Sunde is an American, New York based interdisciplinary environmental artist. Her most notable work to date is 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea, a public, video, and performance artwork made in collaboration with water and communities across the world.
art, artist, water, visual
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Theater Details

Dream of Autumn

text: Jon Fosse
direction/translation: Sarah Cameron Sunde
Narelle Sissons (set & costumes), Todd Brown (lights), Joe Pino (sound)
Karla Boos, Martin Giles, Laurie Klatcher, Gregory Lehane, Jennifer Tober

photos: Narelle Sissons

What if death comes to you like a lover? The lover against whom all others were measured, who tempts you to let go of all responsibilities. You might be surprised to learn you’d fight this seduction, perfectly designed for you. Dream of Autumn is a look at what we cling to when it’s time to go.

A Summer Day

text: Jon Fosse
direction/translation: Sarah Cameron Sunde
Oda Radoor
John McDermott (set), Nicole Pearce (lights), Leah Gelpe (sound & projections), Deb O (costumes)
Carlo Albán, Karen Allen, McCaleb Burnett, Maren Bush, Pamela Shaw, Samantha Soule

photos: Geoff Green
Check out this time-lapse of the climactic sequence with projected waves in A Summer Day (38 seconds)

EXTENDED 8 WEEK RUN: October 10 – December 8, 2012

A man goes out on the water every day
He’ll be back soon
But I feel so anxious
It’s probably nothing

Set in an idyllic, but isolated old house overlooking the water, and in two different times, A Summer Day captures the dilemma of love in the present moment, as well as a distant memory. Fosse’s poetic, haunting, everyday language reminds us of potential in every second and the suspense of being alive.

Untitled #4

Lydian Junction is:
Sarah Cameron Sunde (concept/direction)
Dages Juvelier Keates (choreography/dance)
Karla Carballar (video art)
Oliver Burns (performance/actor)
Christopher Berg (composition/music)

guest artists: Sarah O’Brien, Nick Shifrin, Justin Riley, Laura Mroczkowski, Deb O, Ali Rose Dachis, Stephanie Miller, Leah Henoch, Gabrielle Tyler, Susan Bernfield thanks so Aaron Louis and Faye Driscoll
workshop development: residencies at New Georges, 3LD Art & Technology Center and [the end]
short form performances of this work: Brooklyn Arts Exchange, NYU Gallatin
photos: Karla Carballar, Sophia Wallace

Lydian Junction creates highly physical, live, interdisciplinary art work…
at the intersection of performance, video art, installation, music, and dance.

UNTITLED #4 (previously titled WHAT COUNTS) began as an experiment in form and content creation.  Sources run the gamut: the Persephone myth, the protagonist from Knut Hamsun’s novel “Hunger”, water as material, video mapping organic emotion, notions of catharsis, cycles of history and serendipitous creation. With each encounter we layer materials to get at something wacky and new. This work a 2 hour -long durational performance that goes deep into the unknown, fluctuating between choreographed precision and improvised impulse.

No Place Called Home

text/performance: Kim Schultz
Sarah Cameron Sunde
music composition/performance:
Amikaeyla Gaston
Jeanette Yew (video/lights), Jian Jung (set/costumes)
workshop development: Groton School Residency
photos: Annabel Braithwaite/Belathée Photography

While traveling in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria to interview Iraqi refugees and hear their stories, Kim never expected to fall in love. She did. This is that story.

“As a refugee myself, I gave up to the fact that no one can hold the complexity of this crisis, it’s so complicated and different. Yet I was wrong. I was captured from the first word until the end!”

— Ibrahim, resettled Iraqi refugee after seeing the play.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

text: Marielle Heller, adapted from the graphic novel by Phoebe Gloeckner
direction/dramaturgy: Sarah Cameron Sunde & Rachel Eckerling
design: Lauren Helpern (set), C. Andrew Bauer (video), Laura
Mroczkowski (lights), Marcelo Anez (sound), Emily DeAngelis
(costumes), Lauren Asta (props)
performance: Marielle Heller, Michael Laurence, Mariann Mayberry, Nell Mooney, John Krupp, Arthur Aulisi
a special exhibit of Phoebe’s original artwork curated by Bill Roundy
photos: Jim Baldassare, Lisa Dozier

— a story of female sexuality and unabashed optimism —
It’s San Francisco in the 1970’s.
Fifteen-year-old Minnie has just started an affair with her mother’s boyfriend.

The Amish Project

text/performance: Jessica Dickey
direction/dramaturgy: Sarah Cameron Sunde
design: Lauren Helpern (set & costumes),  Nicole Pearce (lights),  Jill BC DuBoff (sound)
workshop productions: FringeNYC (2008), The Cherry Lane Theatre (2009)
subsequent productions: Todd Mountain Theater Project (2009), City Theatre Company in Pittsburgh (2011), and beyond.
photos: Geoff Green

It was a crime that shook the nation but more surprising was the path of forgiveness and compassion forged in its wake. Imbued with poetry and humor, THE AMISH PROJECT is a fictional exploration of the Nickel Mines shootings and examines a community grappling with loss and faith.

What May Fall

text: Peter Gil-Sheridan
direction/dramaturgy: Sarah Cameron Sunde
design: Jeff Murphy (set), Karin Olson (lights), Montana Johnson (sound), Cana Potter (costumes), Carla Megan Sandoval (props)
performance: Ali Dachis, Stuart Gates, Joanna Harmon, Michael Mercier, Iman Milner, Skyler Nowinski, Max Polski, Alli Schaffer, Emily Shain
photos: Dan Zimmerman

A man’s fatal fall at the IDS Tower forces nine Minnesotans to face the whimsy and terror of living in a world made of ice.

Sa Ka La

text: Jon Fosse
direction/translation: Sarah Cameron Sunde
Oda Radoor
Jo Winarski (set), Paul Hudson (lights), David Margolin Lawson (sound), Jennifer Caprio (costumes), and Kerry McGuire (props)
Noel Joseph Allain, Jacqueline Antaramian, Mike Caban, Anna Gutto, Frank Harts, Marielle Heller, Birgit Huppuch, Kathryn Kates, Raymond McAnally
photos: Jim Baldassare

“It was a beautiful day
the day Mom turned sixty
and that’s good
because we do love her
don’t we”

A new play about syllables and expectations, preserving time and wasting it.

Good Heif

text: Maggie Smith
direction: Sarah Cameron Sunde
Lauren Helpern (set), Juliet Chia (lights), Katie Down (music/sound), Olivera Gajic (costumes), Melissa Riker (movement)
Paul Klementowicz, April Matthis, John McAdams, Barbara Pitts, Christopher Ryan Richards, Yves Rene
workshop development:
Voice and Vision Envision Retreat
photos: Jim Baldassare

In a hot dry land, where life is nothing but diggin’ and eatin’ and prayin’ and sleepin’…there lives a lad who’s astonished by the arrival of his, uh… manhood.


text: Jon Fosse
Sarah Cameron Sunde
Marie-Louise Miller (U.S.) & Oda Radoor (Norway)
movement: Melissa Riker
design: Lauren Helpern (set), ML Geiger (lights), Cristian Amigo (music), David Margolin Lawson (sound), Courtney Logan (costumes)
performance: Charles Borland, Diane Ciesla, Dick Hughes, Deborah Knox, Natalia Payne, David L. Townsend

workshop development: Nationaltheatret (The National Theater of Norway)
photos: Kristine Nyborg, Lauren Helpern

Jon Fosse heightens the language of the everyday to reveal the power behind what we leave unsaid and what remains unseen. When her daughter dies, a woman digs through her past, unearthing each of the losses in her life. She comes to find that death, her frequent visitor, may not be her enemy.

The Asphalt Kiss

text: Nelson Rodrigues
translation: Alex Ladd
Sarah Cameron Sunde
key collaborators: Marie-Louise Miller (dramaturgy), Melissa Riker (movement)
design: Lauren Helpern (set), Tracy Klainer* (lights), Jeremy Lee (sound), Wade Laboissonniere (costumes)
performance: Joe Capozzi, Arlene Chico-Lugo, Paul de Sousa, Jessica Kaye, Paul Klementowicz, Dawn McGee, James Martinez, Charles Turner

photos: Peter Dressel, Lauren Helpern

*Drama Desk Nomination for Best Lighting Design

“An intriguing sample of Rodrigues’s highly original voice…[the production] perfectly serves the surrealistic material
– The New York Times

“Ms. Sunde does clearly have an eye for expressionist drama.”
– The New York Sun

“Her staging is nearly flawless…”
– offoffonline

Excellent production
– The Gothamist

When the line between fact and fiction is paper thin.
As a pedestrian hit by a bus lies dying on a Rio street, a passerby stops to cradle him in his arms and kisses him on the lips as a parting gesture of human solidarity. But the scene is witnessed by an unscrupulous reporter, who proves so successful in convincing a public hungry for scandal that the men were lovers that even the wife of the Good Samaritan comes to doubt his masculinity.

Night Sings its Songs

text: Jon Fosse
direction/translation: Sarah Cameron Sunde
Marie-Louise Miller
Lauren Helpern (set), Roma Flowers (lights), Christopher Tin (music), Ryan Tilke (sound), Maline Casta (costumes), Faye Armon (props)
Louis Cancelmi, Diane Ciesla, Peter Davies, Anna Gutto,
George Hannah
photos: Jim Baldassare, Bill Durgin

— between day and night, dream and nightmare —

The US debut of internationally acclaimed Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse. A modern day tragedy about two people who love each other desperately, but in an attempt to find each other again, push each other into a downward spiral of miscommunication.

Other / Early Work



OE concert event for Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Norway, 2005


Mixed Company / Nuyorican Poets’ Café, 2004


by Kerry McGuire, Spring Theaterworks / Altered Stages, 2003


Mixed Company / HERE Arts Center, 2002


by Leegrid Stevens, Spring Theatreworks, 2002


by Christopher Dunkley, The Cherry Lane Studio, 2001


by Leegrid Stevens, Spring Theaterworks / John Houseman Studio, 2001
(pictured above with Matthew Drennan and Hettienne Park)


Spindrift/ Southwest England Tour, 2000


Mixed Company / UCLA & Women’s Project, 1999/2002


Spindrift/ Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 1998