Other Durational, Site-Specific, + Conceptual Works
Sarah Cameron Sunde is an American, New York based interdisciplinary environmental artist. Her most notable work to date is 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea, a public, video, and performance artwork made in collaboration with water and communities across the world.
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Other Durational, Site-Specific, + Conceptual Works



by Sarah Cameron Sunde
April 2022-Present: Work in Progress

Creation of ELM (and these first three photographs) began at the ON DURATION SYMPOSIUM in April of 2022 at Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania. Work will continue during this upcoming and/or subsequent years.


Leaf on Water
Concept & Direction by Sarah Cameron Sunde
Music & Sound by Joshua Dumas
Costumes by René Stewart-Pearce
Performance by DZ Maciel, Tori Ashley Matos, Burcin Ayebe
Production Assistance by Christopher Bisram

with special thanks to Simone Johnson and community participants Christopher Berg, Jèontè Flowers, Mayadevi Ross, and Roberto Monticello (aka the Mayor of the Meatpacking District)

Commissioned by Little Island for the NYCFREE Festival

The performance started at the entrance to the South Bridge on:

August 22 at 1pm and 2pm*
August 29 at 1pm and 2pm

This performance expanded and contracted across Little Island, drawing attention to and inviting us to become more intimately acquainted with this unique site. Artist and Director Sarah Cameron Sunde collaborated with performers and long-time local community members to continue her investigation of oceans and rivers as well as the forces and structures that aim to stand between or connect us to water. All were welcomed to participate in creating a “citizens topography” in, on, and with, this new construction.

Participants were encouraged to bring headphones and download the soundscape/music** composed by Joshua Dumas in advance of their visit (participants remained able to experience the piece fully if they were unable to download the soundscape).
*Cancelled due to Hurricane Henri
**Leaf on Water music became available for download at high tide on August 15, one week in advance of the premiere.

Left Column Media ID: Photos 1-3: ELM; GIF 4 + Video 5: Leaf on Water