Here’s what I’m working on these days…


Since 2011, I have been working with an incredible team of inter-disciplinary artists: dancer Dages Juvelier Keates, video artist Karla Carballar, actor Oliver Burns, and composer Christopher Berg. We are dedicated to examining our own perceptions of artistic practice, craft, content and form by going outside our comfort zones. Our work fluctuates between moments of choreographed precision and improvised impulse, and we look at freedom vs. paralysis, chronemics / different ways of perceiving time, and how first impulse gets sculpted into something consistently fresh.  We have made several durational and/or site-specific performances for 3LD Art & Technology Center, BAX, New Georges’ The Room, Hybrid Theaterworks, and Governor’s Island. We are now working on a large-scale multi-media performance event entitled BORN FOR NOTHING, which will soon be developed with support from chashama and Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center.

Check out our website where there are links to videos and photos:



Part 1: (mapping) A time-based performance/mapping project that takes place on the NYC subway over the course of a year.

Part 2: (hero moment) A series of impressions taken at the precise moment when a New Yorker rushes for the train and catches it, or doesn’t.



Last season (2012-2013) I returned to my work with beloved playwright Jon Fosse – translating and directing two productions within a year. A SUMMER DAY had an eight week run on the mainstage of the Cherry Lane Theater in NYC, produced by Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. Karen Allen starred in this production and Ben Brantley from The New York Times understood it! Check it out here.

My second Fosse production was a site-specific one in Pittsburgh: DREAM OF AUTUMN produced by Quantum Theatre.  I finally got to realize my dream to create a space that was both intimate and truly vast. The basement of this old building used to be the site of an upscale restaurant. It was an incredible experience, especially because of the amazing cast and my collaboration with set/costume designer, Narelle Sissons. More info here.

Photos still on their way…




In the spring of 2012 I collaborated with video artist Kara Hearn on a project entitled UNNAMED BROADWAY MUSICAL: THE MUSICAL at EFA Project Space. Then I worked with Cinncinati-based artist Stacy Sims on an indy music dance performance pieced, THE VIVAN GIRLS, based on the life and work of Henry Darger – we presented the piece at the Folk Art Museum in NYC.



A subversive coalition of visionary directors/dramaturgs in NYC who operate under the premise that  directors are generative artists. As advocates for collaborative processes, we are actively looking for new producing models to sustain our work for the long-run.



I spent the entire month of February, 2012 in Chicago. Lucky for me it was a mild winter!  I was working with super-smart playwright Kristin Idaszak and a terrific young company called Vintage Theater Collective on a new gender-bending “post-noir” version of Lysistrata at the Chicago Cultural Center. Thanks to Kristin, Katy Collins, Michael Mercier and Josh Dumas and the rest of the team!

Read all about it in some blog posts we did for the Department of Cultural Affairs, Chicago:
They interview me for the blog
They interview Josh Dumas, our amazing composer
hotos from the two days of gender exploration with the cast
(one minute they’re men, the next they’re femme fatales!)



Ron Russell of Epic Theatre Ensemble and I collaborated on a new piece loosely inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s Pillars of the Society. What happens when a “successful” life is built on one little white lie?  Development was  funded by the Norwegian Government with an Ibsen Scholarship Award and we traveled to Norway in late 2011 to present a work-in-progress showing at the Ibsen International Conference.



Inspired by the fact that the American Santa Claus was shaped by New York artists in the 1800s, writer Matthew-Lee Erlbach and I plan to create a new dark myth for the holidays, based on ancient Norse mythology, trolls/elves, and contemporary magic, using puppetry, music and spectacle.